ID Please

Joseph Mulligan is a translator, scholar, writer, and poet, whose work has focused on experimental literatures across the Americas and Western Europe. He has translated Against Professional Secrets by César Vallejo (Roof Books, 2001), his translations of Sahrawi poetry appeared in Poems for the Millennium, vol. 4: The University of California Book of North African Poetry (2013), he has translated Gustavo Faverón’s novel The Antiquarian (Grove/Atlantic, 2014), his translations of Jorge Eduardo Eielson’s poems appeared in Asymmetries: Anthology of Peruvian Poetry (Cardboard House, 2015), with Mario Domínguez Parra, he has co-edited and co-translated into Spanish a selection of poems and essays by Pierre Joris, Mawqif (La Otra, 2015), and as editor and principal translator, he has assembled an annotated compendium of archival texts, Selected Writings of César Vallejo (Wesleyan, 2015), which will be released this May. He lives with his wife and daughter in Rochester, NY, where he works as a Localization Project Manager.

3 Responses to ID Please

  1. Estoy feliz de encontrar esta página. Por favor sigue posteando más poemas y traducciones.

  2. Joseph says:

    Me alegra que te guste la página. Voy a tratar de publicar algunas traducciones del inglés al español en los próximos meses. Vamos a ver…

  3. Excelente, excelente página que encontré por accidente. Felicitaciones.

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