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Ritos de jaima – Limam Boisha

Some of the most interesting poetry written in Spanish over the last couple of years appears in Ritos de jaima by Limam Boisha. Published in 2012 by Bubisher, an innovative literary organization (especially with regards to their “bibliobus” that delivers educational … Continue reading

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Nuevas traducciones al español de Pierre Joris

Hace unas semanas recibí copias de algunas revistas que han publicado traducciones de poemas y ensayos de Pierre Joris, realizadas por Mario Domínguez Parra y por mí. El primero de ellos se llama “Nembrot en el infierno” (El perseguidor, 23 … Continue reading

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It’s rare that we think of César Vallejo as anything other than a poet – granted, “poet” is usually accompanied by some qualifier, like unprecedented or idiosyncratic – but it must not be overlooked that,  if one sifts through the … Continue reading

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Reevaluating the Poetry of Pablo Neruda

The poetry of Pablo Neruda is no secret to English language readers. His has been more extensively translated than that of any other South American poet. And while this is usually to the poet’s favor, certain popular collections (for example, … Continue reading

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The Other Imperialism is the first chapter of Toward the Kingdom of the Scriris, one of César Vallejo’s not often celebrated novellas. First drafted on board the steamship Oroyo sailing from Peru to France in 1923, the novella would be finished in 1928, and then … Continue reading

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Late in his life, poet & visual artist Jorge Eduardo Eielson published an extraordinary book of poems that bears the paradoxical title: Untitled (2000). Extraordinary, because it was produced after a fifteen year abstention from the literary arts, during which all … Continue reading

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Shortly before leaving Peru for Europe in 1923, César Vallejo published Scales, a book of prose poems & short stories that forms part of his experimental works & can be read as a prose correlate to his unprecedented verse in … Continue reading

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Poemas de Vassilis Zambaras – Traducción Mario Domínguez Parra

Vassilis Zambaras nació en Grecia en 1944. En 1948 su familia se estableció en la pequeña ciudad de Raymond, en el estado de Washington. Tras pasar por el instituto, se matriculó en la Universidad de Washington. Abandonó provisionalmente sus estudios … Continue reading

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The Tired Stone – César Vallejo (Act 1, Scene 1)

Today, April 15th, marks the 73rd anniversary of César Vallejo’s death. While the early days in Trujillo & Lima resulted in some of his best and most well-known works, the final months of his life stand out as one of … Continue reading

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Tree of Diana – Alejandra Pizarnik, Intro. Octavio Paz

Mil gracias to Jared Demick of The Jivin’ Ladybug for publishing the complete Tree of Diana by Alejandra Pizarnik, which I translated with Patricia Rossi last year. This collection, the first significant poetic achievement of that Argentine would-be surrealist prone … Continue reading

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